Cultural, Arts & Special Events (CASE) Committee

CASE Committee Purpose and Duties

The purposes and duties of the Cultural, Arts and Special Events (CASE) Committee are as follows:

  • To provide advice concerning the Cultural Plan for the Town of Avon, as may be amended from time to time;
  • To review, research and provide guidance and advice on culture, arts and special event programming in the Town of Avon;
  • To review applications for Town funding allocated for special events and provide recommendations to the Avon Town Council, and to develop applications forms and procedures and review criteria related to such funding applications;
  • To conduct surveys and prepare reports related to special events as appropriate and as directed by Council;
  • To attend joint meetings with the Avon Town Council to review past, present and future special events, review and evaluate implementation of the Cultural Plan, review annual appropriations to support culture, arts and special events, and to review policies, procedures and practices for culture, arts and special events and CASE; and,
  • To perform such other tasks related to culture, arts and special events in or near Avon as the Avon Town Council may direct.
  • Resolution Adopting Culture, Arts & Special Events Committee

The Town of Avon is seeking community members to join the Cultural, Arts and Special Events (“CASE”) Committee. The Committee is comprised of seven voting members and two non-voting members.  There will be four voting member vacancies as of February 1, 2021. Positions are appointed by the Avon Town Council.  

Applications will be accepted through March 1st, with interviews scheduled for the March 9th Avon Town Council meeting. A completed CASE Committee Application along with a resume and at least three (3) references, can be emailed to Danita Dempsey, CASE Manager, at, dropped off at Avon Town Hall, located at 100 Mikaela Way, Avon, or mailed to P.O. Box 975, Avon, CO 81620. 

Members and Terms

The CASE Committee is composed of seven (7) voting members and two (2) Ex-Officio Non-Voting Council members appointed by Town Council. The current CASE Committee members and their respective terms are:

  • Pedro Campos      Term Expires February 2022
  • Chris Cofelice        Term Expires February 2022
  • Jason Denhart       Term Expires February 2021
  • Timothy Haley        Term Expires February 2021
  • Lisa Mattis              Term Expires February 2021
  • Kathy Ryan             Term Expires February 2022
  • Ruth Stanley           Term Expires February 2021
  • Amy Phillips            Council member
  • Lindsay Hardy         Council member