Summer Camp

2020 Summer Camp Logo FINAL

Camp Details

  • Registration is open! 
  • 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. operating out of Avon Elementary School’s gymnasium 
  • Two cross-age groups daily; parents are encouraged to keep siblings together
  • Ages 5-11
  • $40/Child per day (CCAP accepted)
  • Bring Daily: Packed lunch, water bottle, swimsuit, towel, facemask or buff
  • Swimming on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Campers Enjoy:

  • Swimming
  • Daily snacks
  • Organized Games
  • Outside play
  • Matinee movies
  • Art projects

2020 Summer Camp!

We've had a great first few weeks of camp. Our top priority is keeping the kids and staff safe at camp, and having Nottingham Park and Avon Elementary School to spread out our groups has been fantastic. Please review our policies and procedures so that we can continue having success in keeping everyone safe and providing fun daily activities. 

We are evaluating going to the lake once our mornings warm up a bit. During the afternoon the lake is very busy, and we do not believe its worth the exposure risk to take our campers there when it is busy. We have added swimming during a private pool session at the Avon Recreation Center on Tuesdays and Thursdays to the weekly schedule! 


Parent and Child need to be masked up (everyone has done a great job with this, thank you)
Bring your own pen
One parent only please
Say your “have a great day at camp and love you” while they are getting their temperature and symptoms checked
Parent heads straight to the sign in table and then out the side door

Our goal is to have parents in the school as little as possible. Thank you for your assistance in making this happen.


Please text your Group phone when you are in the parking lot, not when you are still driving. We are quickly getting the kids ready and then having them meet you outside the door. If we are waiting on your arrival, we get jammed up with families. 
Group A, Antelope 970-331-5684 | Group B, Brown Bear 970-376-3660
Stay in your car until we text you that your child is ready
Bring your own pen
When you receive our text we will meet you at the door with your child to sign them out.
If you can pick up before 5:00 p.m. please try to. We have been having 15 of our 20 kids still with us at 4:50 so it creates a long pick-up process with our new procedures in place. Please be patient with us at pick-up as we are working as quickly as we can while being safe. 


• Swimming will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Group A -11:00-12:00, Group B-1:30-2:30
• This time is blocked out for Avon Summer Camp kids only to limit potential exposure.
• Campers will change into their suits at the school if they are not already wearing them and we will walk to the Rec Center. Please make sure your child has good shoes on for swim days.
• In the event it is raining, we will transport five children in each van and children will have to wear masks while in the van. The vans will be disinfected between each trip.
• Campers will be entering the pool area from the outside deck area, not the main entrance.
• Five kids will be in the lazy river area and five kids will be in the leisure pool for 30-minutes and then areas will be switched. 
• Campers will have to maintain distance unless they are siblings. Masks WILL NOT be worn in the pool area.
• Activities will include tubes, diving rings, water basketball, playing catch, floating volleyball and water play. 
• Campers will have a designated restroom to use that will be disinfected prior to camp arrival.

How to Register

If you are new to CampDoc, prior to the start of camp you’ll need to email Kara at the Avon Recreation Department to request a “Welcome Email” for with information about how to complete your child’s health profile.

Click the link in the email to login. Here you will be prompted to create an authorized user and set a password for your account.

Follow the instructions and complete all information for your camper. Alerts will appear for any missing required information.

Upload all required documents to your account.

Return to at any time to make changes or updates to your child’s information before camp begins.

If changes are made once your child has already attended, contact the Avon Recreation Department so program staff know to look for updated information.

Set as a “safe sender” to avoid accidental delivery to junk or spam folders.

Please note we are only accepting 20 children per day. Email Kara with the subject line "Waitlist" if you would like to be added to our waitlist for a particular day. Our first priority for registration is our Eagle County workforce.


The program is licensed through the State of Colorado Division of Child Care and adheres to established guidelines for counselor-child ratios (13 children per counselor), curriculum, nutrition and staff qualifications.